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Name Phone Category
7-Eleven 503-620-3837 Grocery Stores And Markets
7-Eleven 503-620-8338 Grocery Stores And Markets
7-Eleven 503-246-5583 Grocery Stores And Markets
7-Eleven Corp Office 503-977-7711 Grocery Stores And Markets
A Slice Of New York 503-245-1079 Misc Eateries
A Taste Of Heaven 503-620-5026 Bakeries And Desserts
Albertsons 503-590-0543 Grocery Stores And Markets
Albertsons Bakery 503-590-0543 Bakeries And Desserts
Albertsons Delicatessen 503-590-0543 Restaurants
American Legion 503-624-2332 Misc Eateries
Arby's 503-624-9209 Restaurants
Asabache Mexican Restaurant 503-598-3907 Restaurants
Auntie Anne's Pretzels 503-624-1666 Restaurants
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill 503-590-9789 Restaurants
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill 503-352-1350 Restaurants
Banning's Restaurant & Pie Hse 503-244-2558 Restaurants
Baskin-Robbins 503-620-0794 Bakeries And Desserts
Baskin-Robbins 503-245-8907 Bakeries And Desserts
Bellagios Pizza 503-639-1500 Misc Eateries
Better Days Coffee East 503-246-0855 Coffee Shops
Beveland Street Coffee House 503-670-1769 Coffee Shops
Big Town Hero 503-620-0121 Restaurants
Big Town Hero 503-443-1881 Restaurants
Bounty Hunter Saloon 503-245-5500 Bars - Clubs
Burger King 503-245-6807 Restaurants
Burger King 503-639-4853 Restaurants
Buster's Texas-Style Barbecue 503-452-8384 Restaurants
Cafe Allegro 503-684-0130 Restaurants
Cafe Today One Llc 503-977-9295 Restaurants
Carl's Jr 503-579-8250 Restaurants
Carmichael's Pub & Grill 503-624-0243 Restaurants
Cash & Carry 503-639-3226 Grocery Stores And Markets
Chang's Mongolian Grill 503-246-2191 Restaurants
Cheesecake Factory 503-620-1100 Restaurants
Chipotle Mexican Grill 503-620-9700 Restaurants
Cinnabon 503-620-6652 Bakeries And Desserts
Coffee Rush Greenway Town Ctr 503-524-2405 Coffee Shops
Cold Stone Creamery 503-590-7766 Bakeries And Desserts
Crossroads Restaurant & Bar 503-644-4000 Restaurants
D D Thai Fusion 503-684-2851 Restaurants
Dairy Queen 503-644-3004 Bakeries And Desserts
Dairy Queen 503-245-9261 Bakeries And Desserts
Dalton's Northwest Catering 503-639-7211 Food Services
Davidson's Casual Dining 503-639-5111 Restaurants
De Angelo's Catering & Events 503-620-9020 Food Services
Delicious Texas Pit Bbq 503-292-2724 Restaurants
Denny's 503-646-7724 Restaurants
Die Cast Cafe 503-524-1942 Restaurants
Dippin' Dots 503-620-9373 Bakeries And Desserts
Double K Ventures 503-598-9995 Restaurants
Dulley Produce Llc 503-890-3289 Grocery Stores And Markets
Dutch Brothers Coffee 503-747-7366 Coffee Shops
Dutch Brothers Coffee 503-620-7040 Coffee Shops
Endurance Products Co 503-603-0986 Health Food
Franz Bakery 503-639-6806 Bakeries And Desserts
Fred Meyer 503-293-7053 Grocery Stores And Markets
Gaffer's Fish & Chips 503-639-7025 Restaurants
Garlic Jim's 503-968-7700 Misc Eateries
Gator's Pub & Eatery 503-293-0356 Bars - Clubs
Genie Cafe 503-639-1221 Restaurants
George's Giant Hamburger 503-639-8029 Restaurants
Gino's Delicatessen 503-639-7582 Restaurants
Gnc 503-639-2262 Grocery Stores And Markets
Godfather's Pizza 503-590-0900 Misc Eateries
Godiva Chocolatier 503-684-9195 Bakeries And Desserts
Guckenheimer 503-598-9689 Food Services
Gustav's German Pub & Grill 503-639-4544 Restaurants
Gyro Express 503-968-8033 Restaurants
H Mart 503-620-6120 Grocery Stores And Markets
Habebi Hookah Bar Llc 503-515-8818 Bars - Clubs
Halal Meat & Mediterranean 503-293-3020 Restaurants
Hampton Cafe 503-620-1012 Restaurants
Hi Hat Restaurant 503-246-4055 Restaurants
Hilltop Cafe 503-726-7255 Restaurants
Home Town Buffet 503-624-2794 Restaurants
Home Turf Sports Bar 503-968-5778 Bars - Clubs
House Of Teriyaki 503-620-2125 Restaurants
Howard's Bar-B-Q Svc 503-620-8060 Food Services
J P's Yakitori 503-639-6839 Restaurants
Jack In The Box 503-624-9594 Restaurants
Jamba Juice 503-670-9643 Misc Eateries
Java Mama 503-968-1892 Coffee Shops
Jimmy John's 503-597-6700 Restaurants
John's Incredible Pizza 503-520-0000 Misc Eateries
La Espiga 503-639-4212 Grocery Stores And Markets
Lamb's Markets 503-590-7048 Grocery Stores And Markets
Lamb's Markets Garden Home 503-244-9061 Grocery Stores And Markets
Las Margaritas 503-684-5159 Restaurants
Leonardi's Pizza 503-684-9388 Misc Eateries
Lincoln Center Cafe 503-244-3390 Restaurants
Little Caesars Pizza 503-639-9707 Misc Eateries
Lucky Jade 503-524-8854 Restaurants
Maggie Moo's 503-624-1666 Bakeries And Desserts
Maki 503-639-7005 Restaurants
Mandarin Palace Restaurant 503-245-2775 Restaurants
Mandi House Inc 503-293-0800 Restaurants
Max's Brew Pub 503-624-9400 Restaurants
Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant 503-620-6650 Restaurants
Mc Donald's 503-590-6497 Restaurants
Mc Donald's 503-639-8585 Restaurants
Mc Donald's 503-670-0608 Restaurants
Mc Menamins Greenway Pub 503-590-1865 Bars - Clubs
Metzger Grocery 503-246-4534 Grocery Stores And Markets
Mixers Bar & Grill 503-684-3011 Restaurants
Mongolian Bbq 503-684-6029 Restaurants
Newport Bay Restaurant 503-620-3474 Restaurants
Noodle House 503-639-7808 Restaurants
Old Market Pub & Brewery 503-452-2837 Restaurants
Open Market 503-452-6904 Grocery Stores And Markets
Orange Julius 503-620-7282 Restaurants
Orient Pearl 503-620-9699 Grocery Stores And Markets
Panda Buffet 503-639-1311 Restaurants
Panda Express 503-968-8768 Restaurants
Papa John's Pizza 503-598-8686 Misc Eateries
Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 503-639-1015 Misc Eateries
Pasta Pronto At Schools Ferry 503-590-8812 Restaurants
Pasto's Italian Bestro Inc 503-244-3311 Restaurants
Pepperidge Farm 503-620-5822 Bakeries And Desserts
Pho Dinh Minh 503-968-0121 Restaurants
Pizza Caboose 503-620-1400 Misc Eateries
Pizza Schmizza 503-590-7649 Misc Eateries
Plaid Pantry 503-620-2088 Grocery Stores And Markets
Plaid Pantry 503-977-9399 Grocery Stores And Markets
Quiznos 503-624-1550 Restaurants
Quiznos 503-601-7227 Restaurants
Recharge Cafe 503-639-0235 Restaurants
Red Lobster 503-624-0499 Restaurants
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 503-624-3955 Restaurants
Richard's Deli & Pub 503-684-1188 Restaurants
Rite Aid 503-590-7346 Health Food
Rite Aid 503-620-9322 Health Food
Ruby Thai 503-620-0556 Restaurants
Sanchez Taqueria 503-684-2838 Restaurants
Sarku Japan 503-620-3161 Restaurants
Sbarro 503-624-6872 Restaurants
Scotty's 503-977-2602 Bars - Clubs
Scottys 503-590-5906 Bars - Clubs
See's Candies 503-639-0301 Bakeries And Desserts
Sesame Donuts 503-624-5000 Bakeries And Desserts
Shari's Restaurants 503-293-3143 Restaurants
Shell 503-968-6791 Grocery Stores And Markets
Shiraz Restaurant 503-670-1000 Restaurants
Sloppy Giuseppe's 503-624-7370 Restaurants
Starbucks 503-670-9828 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-579-2333 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-620-3761 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-639-0925 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-293-7053 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-598-0638 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-244-3741 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-968-9232 Coffee Shops
Starbucks 503-590-0543 Coffee Shops
Subway 503-524-1832 Restaurants
Subway 503-620-1433 Restaurants
Subway 503-620-7139 Restaurants
Sushi Hana 503-352-7600 Restaurants
Sushi Hana 503-598-8083 Restaurants
Sweet Factory 503-620-8246 Bakeries And Desserts
Taco Bell 503-639-2922 Restaurants
Taco Time 503-639-9900 Restaurants
Tamale House 503-603-1811 Restaurants
Taqueria La Fuente 503-639-3653 Restaurants
Taqueria Seven Estrellas 503-747-0864 Restaurants
Tcby 503-684-0551 Bakeries And Desserts
Thai Delicious Restaurant 503-598-6688 Restaurants
Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill Two 503-352-4030 Restaurants
Thong Thai Restaurant 503-639-5171 Restaurants
Tigard Donut 503-620-8518 Bakeries And Desserts
Tigard Liquor Store 503-639-1483 Misc Eateries
Tigard Pizza Kitchen 503-968-3030 Misc Eateries
Tigard Sub Shop 503-684-7827 Restaurants
Tigardville Station 503-639-8375 Restaurants
Turnay Corp 503-684-3011 Food Services
Victors European Meat Market 503-684-2580 Grocery Stores And Markets
Walgreens 503-670-9812 Health Food
Walnut Deli Market 503-598-9465 Grocery Stores And Markets
Wazwan Cuisine Of India 503-598-8585 Restaurants
Whitney Arts Japanese 503-245-1812 Restaurants
Windfall Deli 503-670-1873 Restaurants
Wu's Open Kitchen 503-579-8899 Restaurants
Yens Chinese Restaurant 503-639-3005 Restaurants
Yummy Hawaii 503-352-4359 Restaurants

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